Monday, April 25, 2016

Win Tickets to See The Sound of Music in Detroit!

Sound of Music photo 02 786x521.jpg
A mother is someone who takes care of you, who looks after you and comforts you when you are down. Some of us only get one mom and others have lots of moms that look out for us and help us navigate through life.

In the musical "The Sound of Music" Maria comes into the Von Trapp family's life and changes everything. She looks after the children, teaches them, loves them and eventually falls in love with Captain von Trapp. It’s a touching story about love, family, and of course music. Maria isn’t the children's mother but she takes care of the children and looks out for them like she is.

If you are lucky enough to have a ‘mother’ in your life you know how important it is to show them how much you appreciate them on Mother’s Day. Blumz by JRDesigns has two ways for you to do that this year.
First, we created a one of a kind design inspired by "The Sound of Music" which is playing on Broadway in Detroit from May 10th-22th! This arrangement features roses, green trick, hydrangea, spray roses and more. The greens represent the rolling hills of Austria, the blues represent the sky and the yellow represents a “ray of golden sun”. The entire arrangement is placed in a “brown paper package” and “tied up with strings” and will be one of the receiver's favorite things. Plus, 20 % of the cost will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Detroit Race For The Cure when you purchase this arrangement!

We also have a five pairs of tickets to giveaway to see The Sound of Music on Broadway in Detroit. A night on the town is just what “mom’ needs! To win a pair of tickets click on the link below!

~Blumz by JRDesigns

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Celebrating Administrative Professionals

National Administrative Professionals Day, contrary to the belief of many, was NOT started by the floral or gift card industry!! In fact, it's roots began back during WWII and were started by key figures such as the president of the National Secretaries Association, Mary Barrett, President of Dictaphone Corporation, C. King Woodbridge, and Public Relations Account Executive at Young & Rubicam, Harry F. Klemfuss. The National Secretaries Association was formed to recognize the contributions of secretaries and other administrative personnel to the economy, to support their personal development and to help attract people to administrative careers in the field. The association's name was changed to Professional Secretaries International in 1981 and, finally, the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) in 1998. As the organization’s scope and name changed so has the holiday’s name.

With the ever changing role of the Administrative Assistant, the stereotypical female secretary in a
typing pool is no longer even remotely accurate. The role of the “Admin” encompasses anyone whose job is to provide support, office administration, administrative assistance, paper and electronic filing, supply procurement, communications, technical support and so much more. These positions are filled by males and females alike. As such, when deciding what is appropriate as a gift in recognition of the contributions made by the Admin, don’t make the mistake of slipping into a gender pit fall!

While cards, balloons, and especially flowers are still totally appropriate, be sure to explore the many
options that will be appreciated by any Admin whether male or female. The popularity of “organic”,
green and succulent options is a perfect solution.

Featured here are a couple of cool, hip and totally funky options that will be appropriate for all. The
designs feature containers made of twigs and contain air plants, mosses, and succulents. The first, a
more compact design, showcases 2 exotic pincushion protea in yellow. Honey suckle and vine encircle the longer lasting flowers creating an interesting structure. A trio of yellow “billy balls” escapes to the right from the enclosure. At the lip of the container, to the right, a cluster of mossy-looking green trick dianthus provides a touch of bright green and on the left side, a couple of small cute echiverias are tucked in.

The second option is a bit taller with fresh red twig dogwood branches creating a “tree” onto which live air plants have been attached. The tillandsias (airplanes’ real name) are perfect for the office and very easy to care for. At the base of the branches, a succulent plant has been wrapped in green moss and tucked in with a few stems of blue eryngium thistle and a clump of green trick dianthus. Spanish moss and seeded eucalyptus finish off the composition.

So this year, show your appreciation for the Administrative Professionals contributions to the success of the company with a touch of green and a lot of cool. I'm sure the recognition will be appreciated!

-Robbin Yelverton
Blumz by JRDesigns