Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blumz by JRDesigns Mother's Day Contest

Did you know that every flower has a meaning?  The type and color of the flowers that you give to someone special can hold a lot of significance if you know the meaning behind the arrangement.  Flowers are always a great gift, but flowers that have a special meaning are even better!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we thought it would be fun to teach all of you the meaning of some of the most common seasonal flowers by creating a contest based on some of our favorite springtime florals. Blumz has compiled a list of the meanings below and we are giving all of you an opportunity to win a special arrangement for Mother’s Day.  Using the meanings of the different flowers listed below,write a paragraph describing what you love or admire about your mother, your wife, or someone that served as a mother figure in your life. For example, I would describe my mother as a Sunflower. She is bright, beautiful and resilient. My mother makes it through the hard times with incredible inner strength and a strong faith.

Now, it’s your turn. Describe your mom, or a mom that means a lot to you. To enter, please write a paragraph and post it on our Facebook page. Remember if you haven't “liked” our page we won’t be able to see your post. Please post it on our wall (not your own wall) and tag Blumz by JRDesigns in the post. We will announce the winner of this contest on May 6th.  The Winner will be able to come pick up an arrangement that will include a few of the flowers that they used to describe the special mother in their life.  Imagine how much it will mean to mom when she finds out the meaning behind the floral arrangement that you give her this Mother’s Day.

Roses- Grace
Tulips- Love
Babys Breath- Pure of Heart    
Alstroemeria- Friendship
Solidage- Strength
Statice- Remembrance
Stock- Happy Life
Snapdragon- Gracious Lady
Monte casino- Patience
Lily- Ambition
Liatris- Joy
Daisy- Hope  
Fuji Mum- Honor
Carnation- Lovely
Bells of Ireland- Good Luck
Hydrangea- Gratitude
Iris- Courage
Ranunculus - Radiant
Sunflower - Resilience
Aster- Elegance
Peony- Compassion


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