Monday, May 4, 2015

Blumz by JRDesigns Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just around the corner, this year we will celebrate on May 10th, 2015. Many of us will visit our mothers with gifts or send something special to let her know we care, even if we cannot be there. Blumz by JRDesigns receives orders and delivers flowers and gifts to mothers all around the world. We create beautiful one of a kind bouquets that would make any mom smile, but wouldn't it be fun to do something extra special this year?  Here are a few ideas on how to make this holiday one to remember! 

1- Add gardening tools and seeds to her bouquet-
How about incorporating some new gardening tools into the floral display that you give/send to her. A gardening hoe, new gloves, and some fresh seeds can be added to the bouquet. After the holiday she can plant the seeds with her new tools and have flowers to enjoy all summer round (multiple summers if you buy perennial seeds). Order display below here.

2- Give her a indoor garden that anyone can easily take care of-
Succulents, air plants and terrariums are a really great way to have some greens indoors without having to do a lot of maintenance.  These plants only need water when they are dry (think once a month or when the soil is dry to the touch) and lots of light. You can put a box on a windowsill and watch it grow with very little upkeep.  We have a lot of options including glass containers, hanging containers, picture frames,  and more! Stop into the Ferndale or Detroit locations to pick up the gifts seen below!
3-Have flowers/ plants put into a "vase" that represents her. 
Is your mom a tea drinker? Does she like to collect tea pots? Maybe shes a coffee drinker and would appreciate a floral design made inside of a large coffee mug. We can create a one of a kind design inside of whatever you would like. Maybe you want to purchase a vase and have the grand kids decorate it before you have flowers and plants added to it. Stop into your local florist and talk to them about creating a one of a kind arrangement inside something that is special to her. Stop into Blumz Ferndale or Detroit to pick up these items!

5- Send a plant!
Flowers are beautiful but no matter how fresh they are or how well you take care of them, they will eventually expire.  Plants on the other hand are the gift that keeps on giving, if you take care of them properly! Check out this guide to plant maintenance and pick her up something green for Mother's Day! You can order the plant pictured below for pickup or delivery here.

6- Send a basket full of local goodies. 
We find it hard to believe, but some moms aren't the bouquet of flowers type. If your mom is one of those people we have the perfect solution for you.  How about sending her a Detroit style gift basket.  These gift baskets feature a tasty selection of Detroit items including Better Maid, Rocky's, Kars, Faygo, Sanders, GardenFresh, and more.  It also features Detroit memorabilia like a coffee mug, playing cards, and post cards.  This is a really great idea for someone outside of Michigan who might be a little homesick! You can order this basket online here.

7- Send it in a purse or bag! 
A large tote, cute beach bag, or a little clutch can be the perfect way to wrap and carry a plant or large floral display over to mom. The bag is a bonus gift that she can enjoy for months to come! You can order this lovely arrangement here

No matter what you do, don't forget to get something special for the person who brought you into this world.  These are just a few ideas, feel free to come on by the store or visit Blumz.com to get more inspiration for this years Mother's Day gift! She took care of you, it;s time to take care of her! 

-Blumz by JRDesigns 

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