Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekly Rose Feature: The Rainbow Rose in Stock this Week!

June is National Rose Month and each week of the month we are featuring a different rose that we wouldn't normally have in stock. This week blumz is excited to announce that we will be carrying the extremely beautiful Rainbow Rose.

The Rainbow rose is one of the most unique roses around. It is a white rose that is steam dyed to include all of the colors of the rainbow.  This means the stem of the rose is split at the bottom, put into multiple different dyes and left to sit for a few days until it absorbs the color.  The process is time consuming and difficult , which means rainbow roses tend to be pricier than most roses, which is why we do not regularly stock them.

But, we received an order of Rainbow roses today and we will have them until they sell out. We also made sure to get a deal so that we could pass on the savings and have them in stock at a reasonable price. Each rose will only be 4.99 a stem, 49.99 a dozen and 79.99 for a dozen in a vase.

Rainbow roses are prefect for the rose lover who wants to try something different. They are  great way to celebrate National Pride month this June.

We will be carrying a limited supply and once they are gone, they are gone, so make sure to stop in or place your order today!


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