Thursday, August 16, 2018

Blumz is looking for DIY Vendors for Our Back to Back Ladies Night Out Parties

Every November Blumz by JRDesigns invites the community into our stores to start their holiday shopping off right. We gather the 30 best DIY vendors that we can find and we throw a party that features lots of  local tasty snacks and food.  The completely free event is a chance for people to start their holiday shopping and raise money for a great local charity called THAW. Every year we have hundreds of people come though our doors and no show is the same. Last year, we brought the event to our Holly store and did back to back events.  This new back to back set up went so well that we are doing it again this year!

 We are currently taking application for this years event.  The Ferndale event will take place on Thursday, November 8th and the Holly show will take pace on Friday, November 9th.  If you would like to apply please email sadie@blumz.com. There is a small free for the table rental and we do not repeat vendors so once you secure your spot we work hard to make sure that no one else sells merchandise like yours.  Mark your calender's for this years event and share this story with someone that you know that might be interested in being a vendor at one or both of our annual shows!


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Did You Know Plants Can Improve Your Health?

Did you know that having plants in your home can improve your overall health? A few well-placed ferns, spider plants, air plants and succulents can do wonders for your overall wellbeing.  Scientists recommend one potted plant per 100 square feet to feel the benefits. You can even get plants tailored to your needs, like plants that will help remove formaldehyde from the air. Here are just a few of the reasons that you need to consider going green in 2018!

- Plants clean and purify the air.

- Plants lower the risk for airborne illness.

-Plants boost ones overall mood by lowering anxiety, depression, and stress.

-Plants help enhance concentration, especially in office settings!

-Plants are shown to improve overall well-being in hospital patients.

-Plants have specific health benefits for certain diseases including lowering the risk for stroke, by 34 percent, ischemic heart disease, by 26 percent, COPD, by 22 percent, respiratory infections in children, by 12 percent, and lung cancer by 6 percent!

-Plants have been known to lower blood pressure.

-Plants help people recover from illness faster.

-Plants can improve sleep

-Plants can help to combat the negative effects of smoking inside.

-Plants can help you improve your overall mental health.

We have plants in every size and price point, so stop by Blumz, Holly, Ferndale or Detroit and pick something up to start getting healthy in 2018!

To learn more about how plants affect your health click here.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How to Care For Your Poinsettia To Get The Most Out Of It

Want to get the most out of your poinsettias this holiday season? Here are some great tips from Blumz to make sure you do! 

Pick a healthy plant. The longevity of a poinsettia plant can be dependent on its purchased condition. Select a plant that has bright green leaves and colorful sturdy bracts. After returning home with the plant, remove its protective covering and place in a location that receives indirect sunlight. 

Water the plant regularly. Practicing proper watering techniques is important to the survival of all plants.  Poinsettias should be watered when the plant’s soil is dry. A great way to water it is to take the plant to the sink, remove the foil wrapping and add water to the soil. The foil wrapping can be replaced after the excess water has drained from the plant. The plant can also be placed in a saucer and the foil wrapping can be punctured at the bottom of the plant to allow drainage.

Avoid direct sunlight. Because poinsettias are tropical plants, they do require some sunlight. But, placing the plant in direct sunlight can cause damage to the plant’s leaves. Extreme low or high temperatures and drafts should also be avoided.

BE AWARE: The belief that poinsettias are poisonous is a common misconception, according to a company spokesperson. A number of organizations, including Ohio State University, have documented that poinsettias are non-toxic and safe to be in homes where children and pets reside. As with many plants, poinsettias are not meant for ingestion and may cause discomfort if consumed.
Come by Blumz and check out our wide selection of poinsettias including red, yellow, white and more! We have all shapes, sizes, and colors! 

-Team Blumz

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Rock and Roll Wedding at Burt's in The Eastern Market

Burt's Warehouse in The Eastern Market was the perfect place for this rock and Roll Wedding inspired photo shoot. Blumz teamed up with some of Detroit's best vendors to create these beautiful shots, check them out!


Attire: @detroitbridalhouse
Floral Design: @Blumzbyjrdesigns (Sadie and Megan)
Photographer: Kara Missig
Venue Design: Aimee Paquin @modernlyevents
Stationary: Lyndsay Bullock @CordialPunchPress
Hair and Makeup: Alexandra Hicks
Venue: Bert’s Warehouse
Earrings @eldoradogeneralstore

Bride: Eboni Sawyer @eboniiii
Bridesmaid: Alexandra Hicks
Groom: Nathan Rockwell @naterockbox
Flower Girl: Addy Horwitz @amanda422511

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy National Rose Month!!!

Every June the nation celebrates National Rose Month.  The tradition of celebrating rose month in June was started by Ronald Reagan in 1986 when he named the rose the national floral emblem of the United States.

Roses are one of the most popular flowers to send or receive because they are beautiful, fragrant and come in 100's of different varieties and colors.  Blumz by JRDesigns carries a large selection of roses in our coolers all year round but every June we amp it up and stock them full of the freshest roses around.  Here is a look at what is in our cooler this week. If you haven't sent flowers in awhile now is the time, our roses are in full bloom!

~Blumz by JRDesigns

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Easter Lilies and Your Pets

This year we will celebrate Easter on Sunday, April 16th. For many of us it is a special day to spend with friends and family eating, laughing, and celebrating. It's also a great time to purchase an Easter lily!  In fact, lilies make the perfect hostess gift!   Blumz carries a wide selection of everyone's favorite Easter plant but before you grab a lily, you need to make sure that it is safe for your pets!

We did the research for you and we are happy to say that as long as you do not have a feline the lilies are fine! But, if you have a kitty you might want to rethink your choice.  Lilies are safe for all animals except for cats. This is the offical statement form the Society of American Florists:

"The National Animal Poison Control Center says certain types of lilies can cause renal failure in cats that have ingested any part of the lily. SAF recommends keeping lilies out of the reach of cats. It is important to note that lilies do not pose a problem for other pets or humans".

So, if you or the person you are purchasing a lily for has a cat its time to rethink your purchase! 
Give us a call at (248) 398-5130 / (313) 964-5777 or visit our website to order something special today! 

- Team Blumz 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Celebrate International Women's Day With Flowers

International Women's Day celebrates women's accomplishments and advocates for gender equality. Honor an inspiring woman in your life by sending her hand-delivered flowers on March 8th!


International Women’s Day began in the early 1900's during a time when American women were becoming more vocal about their oppression, socially and legally, and organizing to bring about change, most notably by the suffragists.


Many people give give small gifts or send flowers to celebrate International Women's Day. In some countries men and women give flowers, postcards with poetry, chocolate, and other pleasant gifts to their mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters and daughters.  It is a day to celebrate all of the women in your life!