Thursday, July 30, 2015

Your New Favorite Plant: The Braided Ficus

The best part about summer is being around all the green things that grow outside.  It's  beautiful to watch the trees, bushes, plants and flowers come alive every spring and it is heart breaking to watch them all lost their leaves every fall. The best way to get through the change of season is to make sure that you have something green and leafy inside to cheer you up!  

One of our favorite house plants is the weeping fig aka the braided ficus.  This is a low-maintenance plant that is popular for use indoors. The  trunks of a weeping fig are braided while they are young and pliable and as the tree grows  the braided trunks grow together into a permanent braid.  These plants only need to be watered every five to seven days. The best way to tell if they are thirsty is to stick your fingers into the dirt and only water when the soil is dry to the touch 

Blumz by JRDesigns carries a variety for four to five foot tall braided ficus plants. They
 sell for $69.99 each( including the pot).  These plants are also a great gift! Stop in and see us in Ferndale or Detroit and pick one up for your home! 


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blumz: Make Someone Smile

A smile is such a simple gesture, but sometimes a smile can turn your whole day around. In fact, it was Mother Theresa who said “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do”. It’s true you never really know what sharing a smile will do, which is why we sought out to deliver a lot of smiles around Ferndale and Detroit this past Monday. Blumz by JRDesigns participated in Teleflora’s annual Make Someone Smile campaign and walked away getting more from the smiles that we got then the ones that we gave!

Every year Teleflora asks florists across the U.S. to join in and hand out their signature Be Happy® Bouquets to those who need smiles – such as hospital patients, senior citizens living in nursing homes and assisted living homes, and recipients of Meals-on-Wheels programs. The Be Happy Muggs are donated by the company and each florists reaches out to distributors within their community to get plants and flowers donated to fill the mugs with before we head out into the community to hand them out. This year Blumz by JRDesigns participated by filling 48 mugs with plants that were donated by Tropical Distributors. We visited Ferndale’s own Hilton Nursing Home and gave smiles to the residence. They were overjoyed to welcome us into their facility and loved receiving a plant. A lot of the women talked about being former gardeners and told us it meant a lot to get a plant to take care of and enjoy. We were smiling so big when we left that you would think that we were the ones getting the gift.

After sharing some smiles in Ferndale we headed to The Mariners Inn in Detroit to share some more smiles with the staff and residents. Mariners Inn is a in house treatment program that uses art to help people recover from alcohol addiction. They have 90 residents in their program at all times and they work really hard to help get them back on their feet. We shared smiles with the staff and with the residents of the facility. Everyone was excited to get the mugs with the plants inside. We were blown away by the positive response and the great work that Mariners Inn does for the city of Detroit, we were delighted that they let us in to share some smiles and joy with everyone there.

Give a smile week runs through this Saturday, July 25th. We wanted to share this story to encourage everyone to share a smile with someone this week. Life can be rough but it's a lot easier when we show each other a little support, a litte understanding, and give each other a big smile to help all of us get through the day. If you would like to send a Be Happy Bouquet display to someone who might be feeling down you can purchase one here. Smile, life is wonderful!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Grand Circus Gala

Thursday, July 15th Grand Circus Park will be filled with Detroiters looking to enjoy a festive evening under the big top on Woodward Avenue. The night will feature live music from neighboring entertainment venues, cocktails, appetizers and more. This is the first year that the park is hosting the gala and from what we can tell we are all in for a treat.  All proceeds raised throughout the night will go toward improving the park and making it a nice place for all of us to enjoy for years to come.

There are two types of tickets that you can purchase for the event. The first is a $75 dollar ticket that includes 3 drink tickets and a free day pass to check out the Boll Family YMCA. The second level of tickets are $150, these ticket include the pass, unlimited drinks throughout the night and a six-month membership to the Detroit Historical Society. To purchase tickets to attend this event click here.

Blumz is honored to be sponsoring the event, in fact our flowers will be displayed throughout the park and a lot of #TeamBlumz will be at the event hanging out, having some drinks, and getting to know our Detroit neighbors.  We are looking forward to putting on something nice and hanging out in the park, we hope to see a lot of you there , having fun, and raising money to make this city bigger, brighter and better for all of us! 

The gala starts at 6 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m. For more information about the event and the park click here.   


Monday, July 13, 2015

Download the Blumz App and Get $5 Dollars Off Your Next Order

Have you ever heard the phrase "there is an app for that"?  These days there really is an app for everything including ordering flowers.  Blumz by JRDesigns has launched a new mobile app to make ordering flowers easier than ever.  You can order flowers while your waiting in line for a coffee or on the go.  First time app users can also get $5 dollars off their first order if they use the code Q5DAP.  Did you forgot to send mom a bouquet for her birthday, whip out that phone and send them to her now! Just make sure that you select Blumz by JRDesigns as your preferred florist so you know that you are getting the freshest designs in town.  To learn more about the app and to download it please click here.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Fresh From the Garden Blumz

Blumz by JRDesigns is much more than your typical florist, we also handle all things wedding and have a large garden where we grow a lot of our own Blumz during the warmer months.  Our garden is full of beautiful Michigan grown greenery that we plant and nurture ourselves.  We also work with a few other local growers to stock all sorts of Michigan made Blumz in our cooler.  This week we started picking some of those fresh flowers and created some new arrangements to be featured on our website. We are calling this line of arrangements the Fresh From The Garden line, you can check them all out on our website here.   These original arrangements were created in our design room and each one is prettier then the next. You can purchase any of these arrangements online and have them sent anywhere local you would like, we can guarantee it doesn't get any fresher then this!

~Blumz by JRDesigns

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Canna's are in!

Summer is finally here, and that means our garden is in bloom!

During the summer we have access to a wider selection of unique, fresh, and locally grown flowers.  That means, that each week we will have new items in stock and on special.  Blumz will be carrying and selling fresh from the garden flowers straight from the soil throughout the entire summer.

This week the Canna's are in!

Canna's are a beautiful tropical plant that grow on dark green stalks,  when they bloom they open up wide and let their colors shine.

The flowers come in a variety of colors and are only in bloom and in stock for a limited time.  This week we have them on special for $4.99 a bulb or $19.99 for five bulbs.  They are already planted and ready to open any day now!

This is what they look like before they bloom:

This is what they look like in their full splendor:

And finally, this is what they look like after a few years of growth! These beautiful babies are about to bloom right outside the Ferndale store.

Stop by our Ferndale or Detroit store this week to get something fresh, beautiful, and unique to brighten up your house , your patio, your office your business and your day!  

~Blumz By JRDesigns

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

FREE Parking in Ferndale Every Monday this Summer

Ferndale is the coolest place to live outside of the city of Detroit,  Blumz is lucky to have locations in both cities.  Our Ferndale location is just a few blocks outside the heart of downtown Ferndale, it is walking distance from all the shops and restaurants that make the city so great.

We are lucky enough to have our own large parking lot, so when you visit us you can be assured that you will always find a place to park for free, but we cannot say the same for all the businesses in the area. A lot of the spaces in Ferndale are surronded by parking meters that charge you to park and visit.  But, this summer the city is inviting you to come and visit for free.

Ferndale is celebrating "The Dog Days of Summer" by offering free parking in all city lots every Monday through Labor Day.  Mondays are the perfect day to come down and have lunch or dinner at one of the city's great restaurants. We suggest some BBQ from Zeke's, some pizza from the W.A.B. or something delicious from M-Brew.  These are just a few of the great places that you can check out while you are in town.

 Before you head home, we suggest that you stop by Blumz and see our store for yourself.  We will have lots of fresh from the Garden Blumz in stock and on special throughout the summer along with lots of new gifts and candies to treat yourself or give to someone special. Parking can no longer be the reason you cannot come to Ferndale this summer.  Come down and see all the great things that this city has to offer for yourself! 

~Blumz by JRDesigns