Thursday, July 30, 2015

Your New Favorite Plant: The Braided Ficus

The best part about summer is being around all the green things that grow outside.  It's  beautiful to watch the trees, bushes, plants and flowers come alive every spring and it is heart breaking to watch them all lost their leaves every fall. The best way to get through the change of season is to make sure that you have something green and leafy inside to cheer you up!  

One of our favorite house plants is the weeping fig aka the braided ficus.  This is a low-maintenance plant that is popular for use indoors. The  trunks of a weeping fig are braided while they are young and pliable and as the tree grows  the braided trunks grow together into a permanent braid.  These plants only need to be watered every five to seven days. The best way to tell if they are thirsty is to stick your fingers into the dirt and only water when the soil is dry to the touch 

Blumz by JRDesigns carries a variety for four to five foot tall braided ficus plants. They
 sell for $69.99 each( including the pot).  These plants are also a great gift! Stop in and see us in Ferndale or Detroit and pick one up for your home! 


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