Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blumz: Make Someone Smile

A smile is such a simple gesture, but sometimes a smile can turn your whole day around. In fact, it was Mother Theresa who said “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do”. It’s true you never really know what sharing a smile will do, which is why we sought out to deliver a lot of smiles around Ferndale and Detroit this past Monday. Blumz by JRDesigns participated in Teleflora’s annual Make Someone Smile campaign and walked away getting more from the smiles that we got then the ones that we gave!

Every year Teleflora asks florists across the U.S. to join in and hand out their signature Be Happy® Bouquets to those who need smiles – such as hospital patients, senior citizens living in nursing homes and assisted living homes, and recipients of Meals-on-Wheels programs. The Be Happy Muggs are donated by the company and each florists reaches out to distributors within their community to get plants and flowers donated to fill the mugs with before we head out into the community to hand them out. This year Blumz by JRDesigns participated by filling 48 mugs with plants that were donated by Tropical Distributors. We visited Ferndale’s own Hilton Nursing Home and gave smiles to the residence. They were overjoyed to welcome us into their facility and loved receiving a plant. A lot of the women talked about being former gardeners and told us it meant a lot to get a plant to take care of and enjoy. We were smiling so big when we left that you would think that we were the ones getting the gift.

After sharing some smiles in Ferndale we headed to The Mariners Inn in Detroit to share some more smiles with the staff and residents. Mariners Inn is a in house treatment program that uses art to help people recover from alcohol addiction. They have 90 residents in their program at all times and they work really hard to help get them back on their feet. We shared smiles with the staff and with the residents of the facility. Everyone was excited to get the mugs with the plants inside. We were blown away by the positive response and the great work that Mariners Inn does for the city of Detroit, we were delighted that they let us in to share some smiles and joy with everyone there.

Give a smile week runs through this Saturday, July 25th. We wanted to share this story to encourage everyone to share a smile with someone this week. Life can be rough but it's a lot easier when we show each other a little support, a litte understanding, and give each other a big smile to help all of us get through the day. If you would like to send a Be Happy Bouquet display to someone who might be feeling down you can purchase one here. Smile, life is wonderful!

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